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Tour De France 2014 Grand Depart Stage 2 – a review

On Sunday the 28th of April a group of three brave cyclists set off to experience and conquer the most gruelling stage of the 2014 Tour De France Grand Depart. Two local ‘Yorkshire lads’ (and brothers Matt & Sam Cockerill) and a southerner with no cycling experience further north than Essex (me).

Team photo




After Holme Moss it felt like an eternity to get to Sheffield and in reality it was only 40-50k. Soaked through and wishing for the end we arrived in Sheffield after a series of short climbs. All that was left was to conquer Jenkins Road (1 in 3 climb).

That done we had to find the station and curry! Problem was the ride had taken longer than planned – arriving just in time to get bikes on the train and a picnic feed – a rather depressing end to an epic day.

No finale photo – no time!

Thanks to all who supported, to Matt for the suggestion, to Sam & Ali for their hospitality, to Roshan for a change of clothes and for propping me up as I fell off the bike at the station. And most importantly to Libby for supporting me through these somewhat strange ‘sensible-at-the-time’ like plans.

What’s next?
All three stages in 3 days of course, if the pro’s can we can!

View all three stages here – http://letour.yorkshire.com/the-route

And more importantly check out the ride date here…

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