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Training towards your specific goals in ways that you enjoy.  You choose the days, times and locations and enjoy a customised training program with full support along the way.  We want you to achieve your goals!


Share your success with family/colleagues/friends and support each other as you work towards achieving your goals. This is a great way to train within a motivating and sociable environment.

Online Coaching:

Whether it’s your first race or you’re an age grouper looking to qualify for the World Championships – we can get you there!  

All training plans are bespoke and use the online training software Train Xhale

The plans include:

  • Email/Phone and One to One Support
  • Food Diary Review
  • Training & Performance Data Analysis.

Technique Sessions: 


Swim Video Analysis at Back into Action Physiotherapy.


Skills and Fitness Training in and around the Malvern Hills.


Video Gait Analysis, Technique, Strength and Fitness training across the Malvern Hills. 

Training Camps:

Custom training camps specific to your needs, for both individuals and groups are available now and based in the Malvern Hills.

Fitness & Posture Assessment

Part of your first session and to maximise your training, this involves:

  • Measuring baseline fitness to monitor progress.
  • Assessing static and dynamic movements to identify potential injury risks.


Sport Rehabilitation

Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation at your home, local park or work. We come to you with our portable treatment couch and will assess the injury as part of the complimentary consultation session.

Once the injury has been identified we will work to reduce the symptoms and treat the underlying cause. These sessions will then be progressed to have you stronger and fitter than ever and less likely to suffer from recurring injuries.


Also available at your choice of location with our portable treatment couch are the following options:

Therapeutic Massage

A more relaxing massage focusing on removing tension from the body.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage used to alleviate muscular aches and pains common not only with sporting activity but in everyday life.

Sports Thai Massage

A massage comprised of a variety of manual techniques to stretch, stimulate and establish a free flow of energy throughout the body.