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Liane’s 1st triathlon season

Through my partnership with T2Coaching I started working with Liane. An enthusiast for a challenge she was making her debut in Triathlon with 3 races, 2 at sprint distance and 1 at Olympic.

Not a natural swimmer and uncomfortable in open water we focused on swim technique and the psychology behind the swim. In sport as in anything the body will always follow the mind – if your mind is fearful your body will follow the fear and you will experience stress. Conquer your mind and you will conquer the swim!

One technique we used for Liane was to break the swim down in to stages ‘one buoy at a time’ – each one an achievement in it’s own right.

Needless to say Liane completed all 3 Triathlons, conquering a gruelling 1500m sea swim along the way!

Well done Liane!