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Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

A strong endorsement by SwimSmooth encouraged me to try out this offering by Finis.

See here for their product information:

Had great hopes for this product and wasn’t disappointed! The idea of dialling into an optimal stroke rate was very appealing. Very simple to use with three different modes for you to choose how you’d like to set up your pacing.

I chose Mode 3 strokes per minute and have found it very useful for maximising swim efficiency. A simple test (included in the instructions) helps you calculate your current stroke rate.

Finding out that my stroke rate was quite low (approx 60 strokes per minute) in the test I then used the tempo trainer pro to gradually increase it by up to 10 strokes per minute. It is a gradual process and I found it quite a challenge to maintain good swim form as the swim progressed (3.6k swim set).

I plan to use it a lot in the off season to experiment with varying my stroke rate. Right now I am using it to help keep to my 100m pace setting (one of its other useful features) and to maximise my current stroke rate efficiency.


Absolutely fantastic – huge potential for swimming improvement, however does require sound swimming technique and fatigue resilience when increasing stroke rate.