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Edward’s Marathon Adventure

On the 13th of April, Edward Glover (age 71) succeeded in completing the London Marathon in a fantastic time of 5:47:36!


Edward is a long term friend of @ImpactPT and it was a real pleasure to be part of his adventure!

I was lucky enough to support him on the day and run a few miles with him. Since writing his post below he has not only raised an amazing amount of money (nearly £6000!) for his charity Ambitious About Autismyou can sponsor him here. He has also inspired other friends of @ImpactPT to push both themselves and their distances up!

I decided a year ago to run in the 2014 London marathon in order to raise money for the autism charity Ambitious about Autism. I asked Chris to design a comprehensive, fulfilling and increasingly intensive 12 month training programme to ensure that I was fit to participate and would be able to complete the course. Shortly before the marathon he masterminded the tactics for me to follow on the day in order to maintain a sustainable pace for the entire 26.2 miles. Combining his strategy and tactics and my commitment, I finished the marathon in 5 hours and 47 minutes, placing me in the top two thirds of runners.

Chris’s approach throughout the entire process was highly professional, deeply motivating and immensely rewarding. His guidance, support, advice and conviction played a large part in delivering the result I had set myself to achieve – successfully completing the London marathon at the age of 71. Moreover, his professionalism helped me to convince prospective donors that I was up to the task and therefore to give generously towards my target of raising £5000 for the charity I had chosen; in fact I have now reached £5,600.

In short, Chris’s leadership and experience inspired me to succeed and for that he has my admiration and profound respect.


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