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Before training with Chris, I was allergic to all forms of exercise. I couldn't even walk on the running machine without holding on! From a standing start, I've lost weight and inches and gained fitness, well-being, muscle tone and confidence! My training has become more challenging as my fitness has increased, which ensures I never get bored. Chris' training in physiotherapy has been a definite bonus too as I have weak knees and a temperamental back. He has helped me to strengthen these areas and I feel confident in his care. If, like me, you are nervous of taking the plunge into personal training, I would definitely recommend Chris. He is easy to work with and is as focused on achieving your goals as you are."


I’ve been a member of a gym for many years and watched various trainers at work. Finally after a taster session, I decided that Chris was someone I could work with as a personal trainer. Sessions with him are enjoyable and interactive, he doesn’t just stand there and prop up the treadmill whilst you work out! He has encouraged me to work at exercises that encourage me to work my whole body – for example using weights, balancing, kick boxing (which is lots of fun!) – progressing from simple to more complex movements. I have found that after three months of personal training, not only have my arms and legs gained in strength my core muscles in particular have become much stronger. Having a personal trainer has also helped me to become more focused and determined during sessions when I use the gym by myself – I would definitely recommend Chris as a personal trainer!"


When my second child was 9 months old I started training with Chris 2 to 3 times a week. I wanted to tone up and lose the last bit of weight left over from my second pregnancy. He completely surpassed my expectations in many ways. Chris came up with routines that were different, interesting and unexpectedly fun for me! I really toned up from a mix of boxing, sprint rowing, weights and other cardio workouts. Chris really knows what he is doing and how to get the best out of the people he works out with. It is a testimony to him that I never realised how quickly the time passed in our sessions, I was totally buzzing after every session and I was really pleased with the results."


I have been training with Chris for over three years and he has transformed my fitness over that period. I am more energetic, fit and toned than I ever thought I could be after three babies. Thank you Chris!"


I owe my significant progress over the past 3 years to Chris's professionalism and inspirational approach to fitness. My well being is due to him"


Chris has a wonderful way of giving you exercises which are deceptively simple but as the reps build you realise why he has having you do them! Chris has made working out fun, which has always been my challenge in terms of sticking with it. He incorporates a variety of methods and always keeps me on my toes so that the hour flies by. The fact that Chris is trained in sports rehabilitation has been fantastic as I have a collection of historic injuries which he has been able to work around without causing me to have long breaks from exercise as was the case with my previous trainer. I throughly recommend Chris as a personal trainer he is knowledgeable, enthusiatic and focused on helping you achieve your goals."


Training with Chris over the last couple of years has been an excellent experience. He's definitely the best trainer I have had, a great motivator and easy to get on with. Sessions are varied and rewarding and, even for a lazy person, great fun. I love the chance to train outside, rather than in an airless gym. Finally, Chris brings real results: I feel fitter and stronger than I have for years. Thank you, Chris!"